[Evolution] Minor nits

I've picked up using Evolution again for the first time in a while, and
there are just a couple of little nits I have with it:

* Deleting a message with Ctrl-D doesn't advance to the next message.
This wouldn't be too bad, except that there isn't a shortcut to go to
the next message when the message view pane has the focus.

* Ctrl-N goes to the next new message and not the next message. This
would be fine, but as I said above, I can't find a "Next message"
shortcut. When you don't have any new mail, though, the message view
pane goes blank but the last message you were on retains the highlight
in the message view. I would suggest either (a) going to the last
message or (b) clearing the message view and unselecting it in the list.

* The IMAP idle is a little long for my tastes. Can it be configured?

* When I get new email, I'd like to have the first unread email message
to be in the center of my list of messages, ala MS Outlook. As it is
right now, all messages are appended to the bottom of the list off my
screen, and I can't tell that I have new email except for the fact that
the scrollbar at right moves up a miniscule amount.

Other than that, things look wonderful.


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