Re: [Evolution] Marking as read

Then would it be better to not show the message when you come into the
folder, so to see the message to begin with you must click on it?  I
think its the fact that the message is viewable but its not being marked
until I select it or I'm too used to outlook express....


Two things, one related to this thread and another bug, I believe.  

First, I really like the feature of not marking my mail read until I
show that I've read it.  What if new mail comes when I'm away from my
desk and I don't see it- if it's marked read I might think I've already
read it.

Second.  I'm using 0.5.1 right now.  When I tried to reply (not reply to
all) to Dan's message using the reply button on the toolbar, I lost the
message list, and the toolbar at the top of Evolution.  I had to restart
the program to get back at my IMAP e-mail.  I tried replying again and
the same thing happened. Reply to all worked just fine and is what I'm
using to write this.  Overall Evolution is doing great!!! I'm even
getting some computer illiterates to use it here.



I have noticed the following behavior with Evolution 0.4.1 not sure if
its a bug or not.

When I receive new mail and the first new message is displayed ( their
sorted reverse by date ) the new message is not marked as read until I
click on the message.  It seems as though the timeout is not taking
effect on this message until I select it.


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