Re: [Evolution] gpg support

Nathan Thompson-Amato wrote:

"m.nine.six" wrote:

i downloaded and installed the 0.4.0 version of evolution. but i thought
i few days after the release of 0.3.1 the support for gpg (and/or pgp)
was built into the source. but i can't find it anywhere nor in the
documentation of evolution. am i blind or is it only aviable from cvs?

It *is* in CVS, but I don't know about the 0.4 tarball.  At any rate,
did you compile from source or did you just install an RPM?  I would
guess that the RPMs don't have GPG/PGP support compiled in even if the
tarball has the source.  (Unfortunately, it's a compile-time option
right now, not a runtime option.)

it's a debian package. i downloaded it from
and all the other new dependent packages are avaible.

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