[Evolution] Cyrus IMAP, unkilled processes

Two questions about what I'm sure will be a great tool

1) Has anyone gotten this to work with Cyrus IMAP server yet?  I can't
get evolution to connect to the IMAP server, recognize the subfolders,
or list any messages. balsa, tkrat, Netscape, et al, don't seem to have
any problems in this regard, but I wasn't sure if Evolution is supposed
to be capable of interacting with popular IMAP servers yet or not.  If
it is, then consider this a bug report, because it doesn't work.   Or am
I just doing something wrong?  I've tried:

imap://user imap srv/
imap://user imap srv/INBOX
imap://user imap srv/INBOX.
imap://user imap srv/Inbox
imap://user imap srv/"INBOX."   <----"INBOX." is how NS lists my folder
                                        Preferences|Mail Servers in the 
                                        namespace box

The last one crashes with an oversized message box to the effect that it
couldn't get a folder listing of "INBOX." on the servers.  From the
middle two,  I get the following results:

me2v reliant me2v $ evolution
Shell: Registering storage -- VFolders
Shell: Registering storage -- ds9.home.pri
Folder registered successfully -- / INBOX
  yada yada

Using just "INBOX" as the path, evolution evidently receives a folder
list back, but no headers.  Using "INBOX." as a path, evolution receives
the headers for the messages in the top-level folder for the user, but
no folder list. INBOX. marks unread messages as read, even thought they
haven't even displayed in Evolution where I can read them. None of this
(folder list or message headers) is displayed in evolution, of course. 

The output I captured is at
http://members.home.net/linux4us/evolution.txt.  It's about 280 lines,
so I thought that was the easiest way for y'all to see it.  I managed to
capture the IMAP session (as opposed to stdout/stderr stuff) for both

Alrighty, then, next question.  Is the news reader supposed to be
working yet? I cannot seem to make evolution connect to my news server.

And I lied, I have a third question: Is there any way to make that
initial disclaimer about crashing, burning, etc, not pop up every time I
start evolution?  It's a good idea, considering how people might think
evolution is actually stable already and whine when it breaks, but there
oughta be a way to turn it off.

Well, hopefully that's enough info for one day.  

Thanks for the help, keep up the good programming, etc.
Matthew Vanecek
perl -e 'print
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