Re: [Evolution] save sent mails?

sorry my dump question but is it possible to save the outgoing mails? i
tried it with the filters without a succesful result. i haven't also
seen something on the mail config panel.

Yeah, this feature is just not present yet.

As a workaround, I currently just Bcc: the messages to myself.

ohh a i have also an other question: the virtual folder druid and filter
druid are the same?? what's the difference between virtual folder and
filter? or is this a bug??

A filter rule defines a set of actions that are performed on matching
messages. It is a one-time thing, and is invoked when you incorporate

A virtual folder, instead, is the result of a dynamic query on a set of
mail folders. When you click on the virtual folder, Evolution performs
the query on the set of folders you specified, and builds up the
contents of the virtual folder on the fly.


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