Re: [Evolution] No folders in my Evolution

 Hi. I compiled Evolution today on a recently upgraded RH 6.2 system
 (with additional libraries etc. as required by Evolution to compile). 
 When I run it, I get a task bar on the left, but clicking on the Inbox
 and Contacs icons has no effect.  Clicking in the Calendar icon
 crashes.  Do I need newer libraries that I wasn't warned about?

On the folders, see Dan's recent post to the list.

The calendar seemed to be working OK for me, so you may have some
weirdness going on.  Please make sure you are using the latest stable
libraries; one or two of the exotic ones may need to be from CVS.

 Also, how far along is integration with Gnome-Pilot?

Nonexistent right now.  Eskil and I discussed it in GUADEC; basically
we need to write a mechanism for the calendar to keep a log of
modifications.  Clients that connect sporadically like PDAs can athen
use that log to sync themselves.

Please contact us if you would like to work on this.


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