Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, elijah wright wrote:

I already use fetchmail, but that doesn't eliminate my desire to have a
bounce command available.

but then the reason you've been saying you want a bounce command
completely falls apart.  congrats... 

How so?

(dumb users will always use things like hotmail; you can't stop
them or helps them.  they will just have to live with it.)
Don't talk to me about dumb users.  I just got two copies of your message.

on purpose.  asshole.

Hey, I was just poking some fun at you.  And now I don't know if you're
gone, so I have to send to two addresses myself! :)

this is probably the most intolerant group of people i've ever been on a
mailing list with.  i'm leaving.

I may be intolerant because I've been bickering with Jamie, but the whole
list isn't like this.  If it actually makes the difference between you
leaving and you participating on this project, I'll drop my argument once
and for all.  As much as I'd like to see a resend command in Evolution, it
isn't worth it to me to discourage an open source developer.


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