Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Dan Winship wrote:

There is a "Forward" button. It will forward as a message/rfc822
attachment. There should be some way to forward and edit something (so
you can forward someone a message but edit out the secret bits, etc).
I think the clean way to do this is to be able to edit the attached
message (in which case we have to deal with the multipart/alternative
splitting issue again).

Letting the user edit the forwarded message, when its an attachment seems
rather unclean to me. As message/rfc822 impiles that the message is
forwarded as is.

An alternative approach would be to have a
"pre-MIME style" forwarding command that gives the user a draft
containing the original message inline, with some sort of
"---Forwarded message" boundaries.

That sounds like a mess, that would be very hard for users to understand.


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