Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Jamie Zawinski wrote:

Ray Lee wrote:

If resend were to just pop up the composer window on the message again,
with the same list for TO:, CC:, BCC:, etc., then that'd be perfect.
Sometimes I need to resend a message I wrote to other people who later ask
for it (in an off-the-list style conversation, 'okay, I'll bite,' sort of

Resend (if you're the original author, at least) really is useful in it's
own right.

My objections to resend are all about the problems of obscuring who the
message is actually from, and who the original message was actually to.

This isn't a problem, especially if the user can't edit the message before
resending it.  Here's why:

First, the original sender is never obscured because that's the point of
resending: to have the original sender's address there instead of yours.

Second, the original recipient is never obscured because (at least in
Pine) the headers should include "resent-by <ADDRESS>".  As an example,
I'm going to resend a message to the list right after I finish this

I agree that resending a message when you are the original author is a
useful and non-dangerous thing.  However this feels more like a one-shot
template kind of action to me, than a resend action.  

You mentioned this "template" message type before, but didn't provide an
explanation for it.  How does it differ from or replace the functionality
of resend?

If I wrote a message to A and B, and then C asks for a copy of it, the
sounds like a job for "forward" rather than "resend".

Ahh, but if A sends a message to you (B) and it was really meant for C,
wouldn't you like to get it to C in such a way that when he replies to it,
he doesn't include you in the reply?  That's what resend is for.  Note
that you'll probably also reply to the message from A, tell her that she
should have really sent the message directly to C, and ask her not to send
it to you again.


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