Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Hrmm...  No, replying is when you reply to someone else's mail and that
message goes *back* to them...  I think the correct term here *would* be

Disclaimer:  I'm not up on the official RFC's, so please take my comments
with a grain of salt...

Nathan Anderson

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Michael Wood wrote:

Yes, but the only problem I have with forwarding e-mails as
rfc822 attachments, is that if I want to forward a message, and
also comment on it, I like having it '> ' quoted.  I seldom
forward a message in it's entirety without making comments in
the middle.

If you're sending a message to someone with your new comments in the
middle and ">" at the beginning of the old lines, then there's a term
for that -- it's called "replying".  Not forwarding.

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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