Re: [Evolution] Running Evolution components outside the shell

I've obtained the Evolution and associated Gnome stuff from CVS and compiled
and installed them with no apparent problems. The Evolution shell comes up
fine, with no apparent functionality to hooked up to it. From following the
list for the last week or so, I gather that this is to be expected at this

No, when you start it up, it should give you a warning message, and
then an empty mail folder view.

Not a problem. When I run the executables for the components directly,
e.g., 'evolution-mail', things just sit there. No GUI, no console feedback,

None of the components create their own top-level windows. They need
to be run from inside the shell.

Try this:

        killall evolution
        [wait until your hard drive stops, and then wait a little more]

If that works, then the problem is that the shell can't find the
components to launch them, which means that you need to reconfigure
with --sysconfdir=`gnome-config --sysconfdir` so it will install the
gnorba files into the right place.

-- Dan

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