[Evolution] Running Evolution components outside the shell

Apologies for the relative naivety of this question. I've read all the
documentation I can find and haven't been able to figure out the appropriate
magic to get the Evolution components to run, in the shell or out.

I've obtained the Evolution and associated Gnome stuff from CVS and compiled
and installed them with no apparent problems. The Evolution shell comes up
fine, with no apparent functionality to hooked up to it. From following the
list for the last week or so, I gather that this is to be expected at this
point. Not a problem. When I run the executables for the components directly,
e.g., 'evolution-mail', things just sit there. No GUI, no console feedback,

Running CVS versions of: gnome-print, bonobo, gnome-vfs, libglade, libunicode,
gtkhtml, gnome-xml, gdk-pixbuf, evolution.


James H. Grosbach
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

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