Re: [Evolution] mail i18n issues

        In-Reply-To: Your message of DATE <MSGID>

        On DATE, PERSON wrote:

These should be localized strings.

Well, you want them to be in a language that the recipient will be
able to read. That may not include your primary language.

If we could localize them, but pick the translation to use based on
the language of the message being replied to, that would be great
(unless we were replying in a different language of course). But if
someone who normally hacks in Swahili replies to this message, we
don't want "On April 19, Dan Winship wrote:" to appear in Swahili at
the top of the reply.

I talked a bit about what common formats for the In-Reply-To header are
in <>.

Yes, I've read that (and the rest of your mail-related docs). Part of
the take home lesson from that seemed to be "anything in an
In-Reply-To that's outside of <>s exists for humans only". I find that
having the date in an In-Reply-To is useful, for instance, when
someone replies to a very old message. (Having "On DATE, PERSON wrote"
before the quoted part of the reply serves the same purpose.)

I don't know how common it is, but I've seen people who even translate
the string "Re:".  That's really bad, and I believe DRUMS explicitly
makes it an illegal thing to do.

Yeah, I've seen that too. I can't imagine what they were thinking.

-- Dan

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