Re: [Evolution] Spurious include files

 > Also, we are installing $(includedir)/{composer,backend,cal-client}
 > directories with a bunch of header files.  This may be polluting the
 > namespace a bit.  Should we create $(includedir)/evolution/{foo,bar,baz}/*.h
 > instead?
 Sounds like a good idea.  Although I dont even know why we are
 installing header files at all.

OK.  The calendar now install $(includedir)/evolution/{cal-util,cal-client}.
I'll do the same for the PAS if nobody objects.

We need to install only a few header files for out public libraries.
Cal-client is one example.  Cal-util contains some stuff that is
pretty useful to clients of the calendar, and it is used by the PCS as

In theory you could do away only with the CORBA interfaces, but things
like libcal-client provide a nice GTK+ wrapper over them.

 > On the library side, maybe libpas/libpcs should be built only inside
 > Evolution and not installed; their only purpose in life is to become
 > parts of Wombat and nothing else.

Done for the calendar.  Again, I'll do it for the PAS if nobody


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