Re: [Evolution] ETable, resizing.

Hello guys,

   Currently the ETable widget, can display N columns, and use the
space that has been assigned to them on the screen.  When we resize
the container though, we want to use the extra available space.

   What would be a good way of doing this?  I am thinking that I can
compute new proportions for the various resizable columns, and change
them according to this proportion.

   Does this seem like a good idea?  Does anyone know what is the
behaviours of other table/list widgets out there?

(Dunno if this'll make it to the list, but what the heck)
The way Outlook (express 5, but I'd assume its fairly standard across the
rest of them)
does it is to just keep the table the same size and put scrollbars whenever
the table
takes more space.

Not sure which I'd prefer though (scaling method, or the scrollbars). The
scaling way
sounds like it could be strange at first, but nicer once you get used to it.

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