[Evolution] Islamic Issues revisited

Okay - I actually started working on the Islamic Calendar support for
evolution (even though I have midterms coming soon!)

I basically have two 'general' functions coded up:

absolute_from_islamic: given the islamic day/month/year this returns the
        number of days from the epoch (1/1/1970) - it can be negative.
        (should be trivial to get the seconds for time_t format)

islamic_from_absolute: the opposite of the above

Anyway - the absolute /minimum/ that this number can be is -492148 (the
very first day of the Islamic calendar a.k.a 7/19/622)

Obviously these values can be 'too big' for the time_t structure - what
should be done about this? Shall I limit the function(s) to only handle
numbers within the range of time_t? Does evolution use its own internal
structure of some sort?

I noticed that gnome-cal goes all the way to 1900. If you try to get
a time_t for 1/1/1900 it will also overflow - how is this already handled?

Any advice is appreciated :)
Ali Abdin

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