Re: [Evolution] Evolution Status

Could someone post _all_ of the packages and their version requirements for

It's in evolution/README:

  Evolution depends on the following non-core gnome libraries: bonobo,
  gdk-pixbuf, gnome-print, gnome-vfs, gtkhtml, libglade, and libunicode.
  (These are all in GNOME CVS, in the modules by those names.) You also
  need a recent copy of ORBit. At the present time, the version in Helix
  GNOME is the only released version that is new enough. If you don't
  have that, you should check out ORBit from GNOME CVS with the option
  "-r orbit-stable-0-5" to get the recent stable branch.
For the most part, if you have a too new/too old copy of one of these
components, it will cause compile failures, not configure failures.

-- Dan

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