Re: [Evolution] Evolution Status

Shalon Wood wrote:

Ok, I got evolution to compile. Next question: how much funtionality
should I be seeing? I get the main gui screen, but there's nothing in
any of the menus except for file, and the toolbar shortcuts don't do
anything. Given the amount of stuff that gets compiled, and what it
looks like, I expected more, or am I expecting too much?

You need recent versions of lots of Gnome packages - I had to install
ORBit 0.5.1, and bonobo, gdk-pixbuf, gnome-print & gtkhtml from CVS.
(I also upgraded to gnome-libs 1.0.58 but I don't know if that matters.)
Otherwise the Bonobo components dump core on start-up so you don't
see anything.

I can now see the mail component (which even lists messages if you
place an mbox-format file in ~/evolution/folders/inbox), and the
calendar and contacts component (which don't seem to work yet.)

A lot of functionality hasn't been integrated with the shell yet.
And there's still a lot to do.


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