RE: [Evolution] evolution folder layout (Off-topic)

Am I the only one that is confused as to why the naming convention
of folders *has* to be tied to the naming conventions for the
underlying filesystem?  It seems that as long as this is the case, 
Evolution will require some amount of code devoted to verifying that 
some folder name is "legal" and fixing it up if it is not.  

Someone suggested that there be a map in evolution that maps
"Evolution folder names" to "filesytem directory (folder) names".
I can't recall why this was shot down (and I couldn't find any
comment on it in the archives).  


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On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Aaron Kemp wrote:

This may be the wrong thread for my thought but here it is

I think it's important to allow spaces.  
We, as developers won't think it necessary... *but* think 
of the users ; )
they are going to want to call it "bob's inbox"

secretary for example: bobs inbox, larrys inbox, etc

  As both a user and a developer, I would recommend including 
support for
spaces in file (or in this case, folder) names.  Basically, the
application should be able to support whatever file naming 
conventions the
underlying filesystem uses.  Since ext2 supports spaces in filenames,
Evolution should as well.  End of story.


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