Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

Jamie Zawinski wrote:

NotZed wrote:

I suspct half the procmail users are stuck on their current
mail client and wont jump in a hurry anyway.  They're just that
kind of person.

That's what I thought too.  I learned otherwise when I started getting
weekly complaints from users of Netscape Mail who were trying to use
procmail with it, and getting shafted.  If users of Netscape Mail want
to use procmail, you can bet that users of Evolution will want to as

As a 'real world' human being (1 of 5 billion, I've recently learned), I
use procmail to sort my mail. Feel free to use me as an example in this
rather dull 'Unix veterans discussing the old war days' thread that's
filling up my mailbox, but please take it elsewhere. Even if there was
only a handful of procmail users, you shouldn't discount them in the
design process.

Also, as I run procmail on my gateway (which doesn't have Evolution on
it) and serve it up using IMAP4 with UW-IMAP server (c/o RH6) to
Netscape on one of my workstations. I am desperately trying to ditch
Netscape 'if my browser crashes so does my mail client' Messenger, and
switch to something independent of my browser, and more integrated with
my beloved GNOME desktop. I'm hoping Evolution can be that client (and
that Mozilla can be my browser). I'm looking forward to testing the
upcoming IMAP stuff.

As far my contribution to this thread (what was it now? spaces in
filenames? oh yeah, evolution folder layouts) I'm with Miguel - this is
a product aimed at end users. All modern-day operating systems that I
know of support spaces in filenames, seems a shame that modern-day
developers don't. I see your point (my boss hates spaces in filenames
under Unix), but get with the programme guys.

The Evolution folder layout on the workstation(s) doesn't bother me too
much, as I store all my mail in folders on the server anyway. However,
consider that I also use NFS-mounted home directories from the same
server that acts as my mail server. I wouldn't want to duplicate my mail
folders (one Evolution local copy, one copy for IMAP) if I could help

However, if I was laptop based, I would want to be able to synchronise
my Evolution folders with the server. Has this been considered?

My apologies if I sound like I'm out of touch here, but I haven't
actually succeeded in building Evolution, so I don't know much about
it's design yet except what I've gleaned from trying to build it.



P-p-p-pick up a penguin.

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