Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

A few points:
* We're not creating a toplevel directory for all inboxes.

You're not?  Isnt that what you say later on?

* We'll have our own filtering mechanism, that will do a lot of what
procmail does.

I suspct half the procmail users are stuck on their current
mail client and wont jump in a hurry anyway.  They're just that
kind of person.

* The Inbox could be a vFolder. Having a single place where new messages
(including those on an imap server) appear seems reasonable to me. Then
again, some aspects of vFolders (deleting and adding single messages wrt a
vFolder) could get in the way.

A new messages folder sounds nice ...  I wouldn't call it inbox though,
it implies something more specific.

Naming things "My_" is stupid -- it's in my home directory, of course
it's mine.

I did this to make it clear that the name "" has no relation
with its parent folder, "My_Calendar". But let me make the issue more clear.
You could have something like this:

   `- my_stupid_mail

This sucks, because Evolution should have to change the name in only one
place to avoid inconsistency (could happen w/ nfs going down, etc.).

Names just dont change very often.

In any event, only the .mbox is required to rebuild all the rest of
the data, so inconsistencies can be checked/and cleaned up pretty easy.

So your argument doesn't hold much weight.

So instead, we have...

   `- my_stupid_mail

Hardly a big improvement.  And its annoying for other reasons
(mainly dealing at the shell level, backups etc.).

This means that the type of item is specified by the filename, but more
importantly, the name of the folder is in only one place. I've even heard
that this will work for internationlization. You could also have...

"work for internationalisation" ???  What does?  That makes no

   `- my_stupid_mail

...which would be fine with me.

Well obviously, since you suggested it. :)

hmm. Fine, we'll use spaces :-)

If a user wants spaces, i agree.  Real normal spaces too.  This isn't
stupid dos.  I couldn't think of anything worse than replacing
spaces with those stupid %20's everywhere, thats just the most
awful thing to work with.


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