Re: [Evolution] evolution folder layout

Matt Loper wrote:

* We'll have our own filtering mechanism, that will do a lot of what
procmail does.

That's great, but you're going to kick yourself later if you do
something that doesn't make procmail Just Work.  (I am.)

So is it your idea that we have a trash folder under "Inbox",
"mailing-lists", "evolution", "business", etc.? Should the trash folder have
a trash folder inside it? :-)

The thing is, if I'm "doing" mail and want to go dig an old message out
of the trash, I'm not thinking about deleted calendar entries.  So I
shouldn't be seeing those, and the deleted mail should be near the
undeleted mail -- I'm in the "mail" space, I shouldn't have to leave it
to find the deleted mail.  

But this isn't a big deal.

hmm. Fine, we'll use spaces :-)

Only if you use %20!

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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