Re: [Evolution] Credits list-- you like?

 I know this is self-serving, but...
 ... since the calendar component was a cut-and-paste job from 
 gnome-pim (at least large portions of it are, despite being modified 
 for client-server), I think the original authors of gnomecal should 
 be credited.  That means (according to cvs/gnome-pim/gncal/AUTHORS):

I already sent Aaron a big list of Gnomecal contributors.  Sorry for
not posting it to the list before; here it is:

Seth Alves <alves helixcode com>         - iCalendar, PCS/GUI integration.
Damon Chaplin <damon helixcode com>      - GUI.
Clifford R. Conover <rusty zootweb com>  - TODO list enhancements.
Arturo Espinosa <arturo nuclecu unam mx> - Misc. contributions, GUI.
Miguel de Icaza <miguel helixcode com>   - engine, GUI.
Dave Mason <dcm redhat com>              - User documentation.
Federico Mena <federico helixcode com>   - PCS, GUI, engine.
Eskil Heyn Olsen <deity eski dk>         - Pilot integration.
Russell Steinthal <rms39 columbia edu>   - Gnomecal mainteinance, iCalendar, timezones.
Peter Teichman <peter helixcode com>     - Pilot integration.

If I forgot some other major contributor, please tell me.


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