Re: [Evolution] smtp/imap/pop

When you run it more than once.

Well, with Evolution at least, this isn't a problem, because you can
only have one evolution-mail component active at a time. But Camel
isn't supposed to be Evolution-specific, so I guess we ignore that.

When you run it on different machines which share nfs based folders.

When you have multiple (different) applications accessing the resource.


Well, having the file change out from under you and needing to re-read
the summary as a result is poor, so optimizing the common case is
still good.

Also, some stores may not allow multiple simultaneous connections to
the same account. (POP has this problem, although we never have
persistent POP connections, so we don't have to deal with that.)

So the cache is still good, just not sufficient.

If we're going to deal gracefully with the problem of multiple
accessors to the same store across NFS, then /var/spool/mail suddenly
becomes much less of a special case.

-- Dan

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