Re: [Evolution] Credits list-- you like?

    Aaron> I'm listing credits in the following manner:
    Aaron> gtkhtml: Larry Ewing: <email>lewing helixcode com</email>
    Aaron> Ettore Perazzoli: <email>ettore helixcode com</email>
    Aaron> Radek Doulik: <email>rodo helixcode com</email>

    Jacob> How about:

    Jacob> Anders Carlsson: <email>andersca gnu org</email>

We also need to give credit to the original authors of KHTMLW, from
which GtkHTML is derived:

    Martin Jones: <email>mjones kde org</email>
    Torben Weis: <email>weis kde org</email>
    Josip A. Gracin: <email>grac fly cc fer hr</email>

    and others


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