Re: [Evolution-hackers] Support alternative concepts to organise mail communication?

Hi Milan, i am not familiar with the way how GNOME develop it's apps. I thought that hackers seem to be the one who do the programming stuff and take care of the code. And users are user who report bugs or propose new Evolution features. So could you please explain why sending it to the evolution-list would be more productive?

Anna Marei <inderaue23 arcor de> hat am 19. Januar 2018 um 11:33 geschrieben:

Wouldn't this be great?

Maybe in a way Nylas  now Mailspring does?


- Single, unified inbox

- Snooze messages

- Send later

or the possibility to realize something within Evolution like

I guess (e-mail) communication has changed over the last decades. So why not overhaul Evoultions way of dealing with it? 

All the best!



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