Re: [Evolution-hackers] Markdown support in evolution's message composer


On Tue, 2018-08-14 at 17:21 +0200, Thomas Flori via evolution-hackers
I presume that every developer knows the markdown syntax

I'm afraid I'm the one whom doesn't, thus not every, really.
Furthermore, Evolution as such targets wider audience than only
developers, somehow.

It does not compete with the client design

This is questionable, isn't it? First of all, which client do you mean?
That which composes the message, or that which receives the message?
That which composes needs additional functions, if it is supposed to
convert the markdown into HTML, as you suggested below. That means you
do touch the client design. Without conversion it's different, it can
be just a Plain Text document and the understanding of the markdown
might be moved to the receiving side, which also means to add some
design changes on that side.

It can be viewed as text without being unreadable

Right, so it suggests you do not want to use HTML, but you want
Evolution to convert it into HTML, as written below. This it might be
still HTML at the end, hence this markdown advantage is void here.

It can be written faster and without using the mouse

I can write HTML code without mouse too, I do not remember when I used
mouse to write HTML code in a notepad the last time, the most when
selecting some portion of the text, which doesn't have anything to do
with the HTML code as such. Regarding the Evolution composer itself
(where one doesn't write direct HTML code), you are right that some
functions are easier accessible with the mouse, but most of them have
short-cuts and/or are accessible through menu, thus also without a need
of the mouse. You might also compare the same set of functions/formats,
when comparing the two methods (like when switching for example bold,
then you simply press Ctrl+B in Evolution and that all).

The idea is to write in markdown. In the message compose options you
choose "WYSIWYG" or "MarkDown" and when you write a message you just
get a text box (above the quoted emails). When you send the message
the message gets converted to html before it gets send.
I would really prefer to write my emails with markdown in evolution.

You can always write an enhancement request for Evolution at its issue
I didn't find anything for "markdown" in the old for the evolution product.


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