[Evolution-hackers] Markdown support in evolution's message composer


I presume that every developer knows the markdown syntax and a lot of writers also already know the simple markup language that is used for the most documentations on github. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown

It has several advantages against the hyper text markup language (html):
  • It does not compete with the client design
  • It can be viewed as text without being unreadable
  • It can be written faster and without using the mouse
The idea is to write in markdown. In the message compose options you choose "WYSIWYG" or "MarkDown" and when you write a message you just get a text box (above the quoted emails). When you send the message the message gets converted to html before it gets send.

There is already a wide acceptance of markdown and also some email clients allow composing in markdown. With MarkDown-Here you can use it in the most webclients, they also have a extension for firefox.

I would really prefer to write my emails with markdown in evolution.

Best regards
Thomas Flori

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