Re: [Evolution-hackers] 5 single backup methods wanted

On Mon, 2015-10-05 at 23:07 +0200, rbre gmx wrote:
I am a meber from evolution-list gnome org where I often asked for:

        Hi Ralph,
such questions are user oriented, not suitable for this list. I do not
know why you re-iterate with them here, even in a different form.

How can I make an single e-Mail export and re import
How can I make an single Notes export and re import
How can I make an single contact export and re import
How can I make an single calendar export and re import
How can I make an single birthday export and re import

General rule: select set of objects, right-click the selection, pick
"Save as xxx..." option. Other than Mail view offers also context menus
on Books/Calendars/..., where is also "Save as...", which saves
everything in that Book/Calendar/... into a file. This method requires
running evolution. Then import it with File->Import->Single file->....

I want to move the e-mail data by hand
I copied the mail folders manually
I copied the folders.db manually
but it does not appear
is there an API or a way to make it by hand

I think this had been answered on the evolution-list. It appears from
time to time repeatedly there, just search the archive for more
detailed response. The short answer is: Create a new mail account of
the correct type (Maildir, mbox, ... I do not know what you moved
manually), then point that new account to that backup folder with the
messages and then copy the messages from one account to the other. As
always, playing with internal evolution files is not a good idea,
unless you really know what you are doing - thus the message copy/move
is suggested from within the evolution.

In any case, please do not follow this here, move to the
evolution-list, where you can get better answers from users whom might
be in a similar situation as you are, thus they can give you real life

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