Re: [Evolution-hackers] Memory usage

On Tue, 2015-03-24 at 22:53 +0000, David Woodhouse wrote:
Is there a decent way to reliably track *all* memory usage within a
GNOME application? Am I doing something wrong?

I'm afraid that might be better to ask on a general mailing list, I do 
not think many people here know much about the internals. Or at least I
do not know.

Hm, I note that I'm up to 90000 WebKitDOMRange objects now I've 
almost finished typing this...

I guess that's the main difference from the 3.12.x. The 3.12.x still 
uses a GtkHTML in the composer, while the 3.16.x uses WebKit there. 
The WebKitGTK+ itself is supposed to free some of the objects on its 
own when it is destroyed, aka when the composer is closed. Till then 
the objects are kept in their cache. You know the WebKit bug [1], from 
yours [2]. Try to convince them to backport the changes into WebKit1 
and do a release, though I was told that the plan is to make a release 
within the next few weeks, together with the backport.

Tomas may look in the composer code and check the usage of the 
WebKitDOMRange objects, whether they are properly freed, and whether 
they should be freed (there are cases where the leak fixes in 
evolution caused issues due to freeing objects which should be left 
around in the WebKit's DOM object cache). There are those CSS objects 
too, the second item in your .png, which looks suspicious too.

I really do not think we can do anything more on the Evolution side, 
all (most of) that is on the WebKit side. The port to WebKit2 can make 
a difference in some way, especially due to the related leak fixes 
being already there, but porting Evolution to WebKit2 is not a trivial 


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