[Evolution-hackers] Memory usage

Evolution 3.12 used to take a week or two to reach 8 or 9 GiB of 
memory usage, at which point I'd have to kill it and start a new one.

Evolution 3.16 seems to manage to reach 10GiB overnight, and needs to 
be killed every morning to bring my machine out of swap death.

I don't really know where all the memory is going. Running with 
GOBJECT_DEBUG=instance-count doesn't really show a smoking gun; it 
looks something like http://david.woodhou.se/evo-statistics.png 
(sorry, don't know how to get a text version of that).

The count of WebKitDOMRange objects only ever seems to go up, so I 
suspect those are still leaking despite some other WebKit leak fixes 
recently. But surely that can't be all there is?

I've tried using valgrind (--tool=massif) to see where the memory 
allocations are. But I get wildly inconsistent results.

If I run with the default options, it doesn't seem to admit that much 
memory was allocated at all. It's been running a few hours, it's using 
11.1GiB (which is admittedly inflated by massif itself), but it only 
*admits* to under 100MiB:

  n        time(i)         total(B)   useful-heap(B) extra-heap(B)    stacks(B)
 33  2,954,848,107       89,532,360       77,000,592    12,531,768            0
 34  3,087,325,256       97,270,104       82,569,293    14,700,811            0
84.89% (82,569,293B) (heap allocation functions) malloc/new/new[], --alloc-fns, etc.


If I add --pages-as-heap=true, that makes it ignore the normal 
"allocation" functions and just look at the pages which are mapped by 
mmap(). Which screws the statistics for normal allocations somewhat, 
because the *first* allocation in a new page gets 'credited' with 
taking the whole 4KiB, while malloc() calls which get other addresses 
in that same page don't show up at all. But this way, it *does* admit 
that gigabytes of memory are being allocated...

  n        time(i)         total(B)   useful-heap(B) extra-heap(B)    stacks(B)
 43 5,840,961,313,097   10,555,485,320   10,555,485,320             0            0
 44 5,946,777,533,186   10,488,375,240   10,488,375,240             0            0
 45 6,094,323,581,406   10,563,886,472   10,563,886,472             0            0
 46 6,288,117,422,939   10,685,658,696   10,685,658,696             0            0
 47 6,477,882,772,357   10,855,649,728   10,855,649,728             0            0
100.00% (10,855,649,728B) (page allocation syscalls) mmap/mremap/brk, --alloc-fns, etc.
->91.15% (9,894,895,616B) 0x38412FC3B9: mmap (syscall-template.S:81)


In this case, I do see some interesting additional results, like the 
fact that WebKit is apparently allocating 1GiB of memory at startup:

| ->09.98% (1,081,118,720B) 0x3829E16FA1: WTF::OSAllocator::reserveUncommitted(unsigned long, 
WTF::OSAllocator::Usage, bool, bool, bool) (OSAllocatorPosix.cpp:46)
| | ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3829B72416: JSC::ExecutableAllocator::initializeAllocator() 
| | | ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3829CC66B0: void 
| | |   ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3841A0DACD: __pthread_once_slow (pthread_once.c:114)
| | |     ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3829CC6723: JSC::initializeThreading() (gthr-default.h:699)
| | |       ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x382BA67BD0: webkitInit (webkitglobals.cpp:540)
| | |         ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x382BA67DC7: webkit_get_default_session (webkitglobals.cpp:86)
| | |           ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x382E412D49: shell_initable_init (e-shell.c:1396)
| | |             ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3F8D260078: g_initable_new_valist (ginitable.c:228)
| | |               ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x3F8D260134: g_initable_new (ginitable.c:146)
| | |                 ->09.91% (1,073,750,016B) 0x40418F: main (main.c:388)

WTF indeed. But on further investigation I think that's only 
allocating the address space, and not really causing it to be backed 
with real pages until it's used.

But most of the other results with --pages-as-heap=yes look like 
they're through the normal allocation functions and *should* have 
showed up with --pages-as-heap=no. So why didn't they?

One possible explanation is that we are *massively* inefficient with 
our allocations (in glibc), and we manage to allocate one tiny object 
per page to the point where 100MiB of allocations actually get spread 
across 8GiB of pages. But surely that's unlikely?

Is there a decent way to reliably track *all* memory usage within a 
GNOME application? Am I doing something wrong?

Hm, I note that I'm up to 90000 WebKitDOMRange objects now I've almost 
finished typing this...

-- dwmw2

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