Re: [Evolution-hackers] [Draft] Evolution Road-map for post-3.12

Here's my list.

There's a few items on the wiki page I've been dragging along for a few
releases now.  Those are still on my agenda, even the importer rewrite.

Additionally I want to really focus on getting Camel's API fixed up well
enough to split off from E-D-S and declare stable.  I've intended to do
that for several years [1], but parts of Camel's API are still a mess
and I'm not yet willing to commit to them.

Among the things that need done yet are:

  * Kill CamelStream and all its subclasses and port Camel entirely
    to GIO-based streams.  I'm already making some headway on that.

  * Move all the filtering logic into Evolution.  Camel's filtering
    logic is already highly dependent on Evolution and not fleshed
    out well enough to be usable on its own.  From there I can more
    easily make some badly needed improvements under Evolution's
    umbrella, where API stability isn't an issue.

  * GMime is Jeff Steadfast's partial fork of Camel, and there's
    still a lot of shared heritage there.  I understand he added a
    pretty comprehensive test suite, and I'd like to try importing
    that and adapting it to Camel's current APIs.

  * Study/cleanup/document the summary database and virtual folders.
    I still don't really have my head around these areas.  The APIs
    are a mess and nothing's documented.  I'd like to spend a little
    time on it and probably do some refactoring before the split,
    because I can't maintain this stuff if I don't understand it.

  * Maybe annotate the API for introspection and generate language
    bindings?  Even if there's no demand for Camel bindings, I think
    the practice helps promote good discipline and API design and is
    worth the effort.

Between the wiki page items, this stuff, and the usual caring and
feeding of the project, I think that's a pretty full plate for me.



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