[Evolution-hackers] [Draft] Evolution Road-map for post-3.12

as all/most of you might know, after 3.12 release Evolution changes its
release schedule to a yearly development, which may give more room for
any larger changes. I'd like to start a Road-map draft with things I
believe will be good to have. They are not in any particular order, any
of them can be moved up/down/dropped/... Probably not all of them will
make it for 3.14, but that's understandable.

Here's the list:

* complete the Webkit-based composer - either complete or just take care
  of bugs from users - fixes might reach 3.12 as well

* revisit the webkit2 port

* change the UI of component editors for calendar views (events/tasks/memos)

* merge calendar views internally - to avoid code duplication; after
  all, the main differences are only a) component type; b) allowed
  subviews (day/month/.../list). Otherwise they are just the same.
  It'll be a big task, because I'd like, together with it, avoid UI
  thread blocking from calendar-related views

* renew the calendar views to gtk-based or webkitwebview based views 

* add an offline cache for calendar and book backends, together with:

* create a meta backend, which will allow backend writers to focus on
  the tasks related to conversion from libical components into their
  stores, instead of reimplementing common things; this task might
  depend on the offline cache, because it would be nice to have
  the meta backend with the offline support built-in, thus the users
  of the meta backend gets something more for free

* merge backend factory codes even more than it is now, because the book
  and calendar factories are basically the same, serving to the same
  thing, thus there surely is more common things that can be done in one
  place, not two

* make backend factories crash-proof - a thing which I think Matthew
  suggested (a long) time ago - move each backend to a separate process,
  thus if any of them crashes for whatever reason, the other backends
  will keep running (all backends are running in one process today,
  thus when one crashes, all of them are gone too)

I cannot recall anything more right now, sadly neither for EWS, but
there are surely some nice feature requests, which would be nice to have
done (like the "Information Rights Management" thing).

Please add things you would like to have, or do not like to have, or
comment on any of them. This is only a draft, after all.
        Thanks and bye,

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