[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Hackfest at GUADEC 2013

Alberto Ruiz (my new boss) organized and led an Evolution hackfest at
this year's GUADEC in Brno, Czech Republic.

He posted a summary on his blog, for those interested:


The transition to an annual release cycle, which I brought up before in
[1], is a go for next year.  The Evolution team was in agreement, and I
got no objection from the GNOME release team.

It was really fun meeting almost everyone present in person for the
first time.  Even met Milan Crha for the first time, even though we've
been working together on IRC for about *six years* now!

I hope we can do this again some time.

Matthew Barnes

[1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/evolution-list/2013-July/msg00162.html

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