Re: [Evolution-hackers] Archive button - new feature

On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 12:17 -0300, David Roguin wrote:
> Ok, it sounds great.
> I have one question then, I was coding this functionality as an
> extension, is it possible to add the "archive folder" option into the
> "special folders" section with an extension?

At present, no.  But I've completely rewritten the account editor on a
branch I'm hoping to merge during 3.5, and I can easily add a hook for
adding your button from an extension.

What you'll wind up doing is writing another EExtension subclass that
targets this class, which is not yet in 'master' branch:

Then I'll add a new function to that class for you to call to append a
new button.  Not sure exactly what it will look like yet.

Matthew Barnes

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