Re: [Evolution-hackers] WebKit branch is ready

On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 06:43 -0400, Daniel Vratil wrote: 
> WebKitGtk+ 1.8.0 with the important patch has been released last night,
> and so everything is in place now and I'm ready to break^W merge to
> master. The branch has been rebased two days ago, I will only bump the
> webkit dependency version later today.
> I hereby ask you guys for review and approval for the merge. 

Awesome!  I'm eager to try it out.

Also, do you have a blog?  Is it syndicated on Planet GNOME?  If not I
can do it, but people need to know about this and your upcoming plans
for the composer, and subsequently killing off GtkHtml once and for all.
The community has been waiting for this for years!

> I'd suggest creating 4 or 5 new commits directly in master instead of
> actual git merge to avoid polluting master history with nearly 200
> commits of my furious development :)

I'd suggest running "git rebase -i HEAD~200" (or however many) on your
branch and squash the commits down yourself, and then merge the result.

Matthew Barnes

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