Re: [Evolution-hackers] Start your engines for Evolution 3.5.1

Hi everyone,

Am Montag 26 März 2012, um 05:03:14 schrieb Matthew Barnes:
> You may have noticed Evolution 3.4.0 and co. has been released and I've
> created 'gnome-3-4' branches for all modules except 'evolution-mapi' and
> 'evolution-kolab' (but I assume Milan and Christian will take care of
> those shortly).
> [...]

As for evolution-kolab, I have a good number of tasks scheduled that would
best be done on the current code base (i.e., 3.4), before starting out with
new work for the 3.5/3.6 cycle. I'm afraid I painfully lack the resources
to cope with both, porting to 3.5 and fixing things in 3.4 (towards 3.4.1),
or even merge my work on a 3.4 branch with conflicting fixes which have
been done on master in the meantime.
  I would therefore kindly ask that I branch off gnome-3-4 a little later,
providing me with some time to catch up with the fixing and cleanup necessary
on the current code base and only after that branching off gnome-3-4. I do not
want to keep anyone's hands off of evolution-kolab, thing is, I'll get into
trouble if branching will be done early (for 3.5/3.6 cycle I would therefore
prefer a late branching for evolution-kolab, "porting" to 3.5 somewhen after

Any thoughts on the topic are welcome.

Kind regards,


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