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Am Dienstag 08 Mai 2012, um 11:52:00 schrieb Christian Hilberg:
> It has been a while [0] since the idea of making IMAPX
> subclassable / extendable for backends to use. Time to
> bring the topic back into the public again. :-)
> There is a bugzilla entry [1] now for the topic, and Chen
> bravely started out with preparations to make IMAPX extendable.
> [...]

While trying to make use of Chen's initial approach to making
IMAPX extensible, it has shown that this approach is a little
bit too basic and does not lead to the structural improvements
inside IMAPX which we've been hoping for. There are some other
issues with this approach, too, so we had to rethink the whole

As I had made a local copy of IMAPX extensible for evolution-kolab
back in 2.30 era using a function table for untagged response handlers,
I decided to implement this for upstream IMAPX (while evading some
issues I had in 2.30 - live and learn ;-).

The result of my work lives in the 'imapx-extensible' branch of
E-D-S. It is still work in progress (the IMAP capabilities flags
need to be made extensible, too), but it is already working and
imapx_untagged() lost most of its amazements.

All (IMAPX) devs interested in what has been done so far are
welcome to check out 'imapx-extensible' and have a look around
in CamelIMAPXServer and friends.

Kind regards,


> [0]
> [1]

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