Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM server synchronization and Evolution online/offline state

Hi again,

Am Dienstag 03 April 2012, um 10:52:00 schrieb Christian Hilberg:
> While porting evolution-kolab from Evolution 2.30 to 3.4.x (and on
> to 3.5 later on), I have been stumbling upon an issue regarding
> groupware server synchronzation.
> [...]
> Effectively, I am lacking a mechanism which tells my backend that the user
> wants to synchronize the local cache (evolution-kolab implements a full offline
> cache with offline-editing support) with the Kolab server side.
> [...]

In our lengthy discussion about that topic, we found that a synchronize()
method is desired for the backends and EClient would expose this in its
API. How exactly the various E-D-S clients will represent this functionality
in their GUI needs to be discussed, but I think this detail is secondary
to the former (i.e. the communications infrastructure which makes it possible
to send a synchronization request to the backends, which they can then handle
in their very own fashion).

Have there been steps taken already towards implementing this infrastructure?

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