[Evolution-hackers] A better mail formatter


I've spent last few weeks re-working the email formatter and I think it's 
finally ready for landing to master. Milan will review it on Monday or so and 
if it's OK, I'll commit it early next week. 

I have already reworked it for the WebKit port, but the result was not good. 
There was only one class (EMFormat*) which was doing two completely separate 
actions - parsing and formatting and everything was stuffed in just a few .c 
files, making the code quite a mess.

I have realized that the formatter could be made much more flexible and nicer 
by making proper object-oriented design. With Milan we have came up with quite 
a nice design.

The first big step is to move everything to libemformat. Why have something 
here and something there.

The parser and formatter were separated to their own classes EMailParser and 
EMailFormatter and the _actual_ parsing/formatting is done by extensions. 
Essentially there is a class for each mime type we support and they are  
derived from EExtension.

This splitting makes the code much easier to read, navigate in and keep it in 

As part of the work, I converted some plugins, namely audio-inline, itip-
formatter, prefer-plain, tnef-attachment and vcard-inline, to modules. There 
is no API yet to extend the preferences dialog though, so for this some of 
them still install a little EPlugin-based library with the GUI. The main 
improvement here is that they react to changes in settings immediately, no 
need to restart Evo, some of them even cause the current view to refresh 
immediately. When a proper API for this is in place we can make on-demand 
loading etc.

And why we have done this all? Because of text-highlight module. I've written 
less technical blog about it, so see for yourself what we already have and 
what I plan for near future.




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