Re: [Evolution-hackers] Retiring evolution-exchange

On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 16:15 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> The release of Evolution-ActiveSync brings the number of Evolution Data
> Server backend modules for Microsoft Exchange up to four.
> Even if we had the manpower to adequately maintain all these, which we
> don't, four different backends for one product is getting ridiculous.
> Therefore I think it's time to retire Evolution-Exchange.  That module
> has seen steadily decreasing maintenance for several years, the newest
> version of Exchange it supports is now a decade old, and frankly it was
> never all that reliable anyway.
> As with any Free Software project, retiring Evolution-Exchange simply
> means we will cease issuing new tarballs.  3.4.x will be its last stable
> release series.  Any interested party is of course welcome to resurrect
> the project and issue new releases.
Sorry for getting back a little late. I will include the reply with
regards to evolution-groupwise as well. 

Though we have several packages that are supporting exchange. If we take
a deeper look into what versions of exchange server they support, we
might get a clear idea whether we want to retire them or not.

evolution-exchange - best backend to support Exchange 2003 servers.
There are some enterprises who are using evolution-exchange. As
evolution-exchange has been well tested in different Exchange 2003
setups, it would be better bet over evolution-mapi.

evolution-mapi, evolution-ews, evolution-activesync - all support 2007 &
2010. evolution-ews is good on desktops and evolution-activesync is good
for mobile clients. We started evolution-ews considering that mapi would
be deprecated in future.

Then why not retire evolution-mapi instead of evolution-exchange ?

I do understand that you looked at the code updates and available
developers to decide. It would also be good if we choose what to support
based on, what would work as a good enterprise solution. I say
enterprise since we are here talking about exchange and groupwise.

W.r.t evolution-groupwise, it would be good to continue it until this
release. I second the reason which Akhil has mentioned in another email.
We would also need to give it sometime to see if there are people
interested in contributing there.

Thanks, Chenthill.
> If we have consensus on this I will announce it.  At this time I have no
> plans to adapt the module to the upcoming API changes.
> Matthew Barnes
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