Re: [Evolution-hackers] hopefully minor help on building for 3.3.4 em-format-html.c:1583: undefined reference to `camel_operation_cancel_check'

On Fri, 2012-01-20 at 17:24 +0000, Reid Thompson wrote: 
> Attempting to update to 3.3.4 from gnome-3-2 using the sources below.
> I'm currently getting the build error noted at bottom.  Do I need to
> bump one of the other components up, or am I missing a component?

'camel_operation_cancel' and 'camel_operation_cancel_check' were removed
from E-D-S in some earlier 3.3.x release.

My guess is your evolution git repo is littered with build artifacts
from 3.2 and 3.3, probably from switching branches in-place.  I suggest
running "git clean -xfd" and rebuild Evolution 3.3.4 from scratch.

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