Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM server synchronization and Evolution online/offline state

Hi Matt,

Am Dienstag 03 April 2012, um 17:11:56 schrieb Matthew Barnes:
> On Tue, 2012-04-03 at 10:40 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> > g_network_monitor_can_reach() takes a GSocketConnectable -- which is
> > just an interface that's implemented by several concrete classes like
> > GNetworkAddress (based on host name and port number) and GNetworkService
> > (based on SRV records), so I assume service will be taken into account
> > when possible in determining the boolean result that would feed into
> > EBackend's "online" state.
> Seems I'm assuming too much.
> Dan Winship advises me that g_network_monitor_can_reach() merely checks
> if there's a route to the host, but doesn't actually connect.
> Would it make sense to split the "online" state into two flags, perhaps
> "host-reachable" and "service-available"?  The latter would reflect the
> result of actually trying to connect to the service to see if something
> answers, obviously only attempted if "host-reachable" is set.
> These could both be class methods in EBackend so backends can tailor
> them as needed.  For example, an HTTP server may well respond alright,
> but with a "501 Service Unavailable" which should interpreted as FALSE.
> Would this distinction be useful to backends?

I can only speak for evo-kolab, but that much I will do.

Seems to me that opening a connection in order to find out whether I could
open a connection is more than evo-kolab would need. Unless the "service-available"
check would be really cheap, it seems to me that "host-reachable" would
suffice. Once I actually try to connect and fail, I know that I cannot
connect. Nothing lost. ;-) (What's more, if "service-available" was TRUE half
an hour ago, when the check was made, that does not automatically mean that
it is still TRUE when I want to actually *use* the connection half an hour
later - so, not sure whether a "service-available" check would help much).

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