Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.28 obsolete?

On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 16:04 +0000, Matt Davey wrote:
> I recently logged a bug (#639970) that crops up every now and again for
> me, and it was closed as OBSOLETE because I raised it against Evolution
> 2.28.  This surprised me, because this 2.28 is the current shipping
> version for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support).

Hi Matt!

I don't think this answer will solve your problem in any way, but it is
nevertheless the correct answer: if you have a problem with a version of
Evolution provided by your distribution, then you should file a bug
against that package in your distribution's bug tracking system.  For
Ubuntu, that would be Launchpad.  For Red Hat/Fedora, I guess it would
be their bugzilla.  Etc.

It's unpleasant but true, that there are multiple places to file bugs.
If you're using software that comes with your distribution then the best
thing to do is file a bug with the distribution, not the upstream
maintainers (like Gnome).

Evo is part of the Gnome infrastructure, and Gnome has a specific
release schedule.  Gnome, as far as I'm aware, has no concept of "long
term supported releases".  They release one version, they have two
(usually) scheduled updates over the next six months, then they release
the next version; once that happens there are no more updates to the
previous version.  So, even if the Evolution team had the time and
resources to continue to fix issues with older releases, there's no
release vehicle where those changes could be distributed.

Gnome is not Ubuntu or Red Hat or any other distribution, and Gnome has
no input into the support promises distros provide.  Those promises are
up to the distro to make good on.  That means that if there's a bug in
Gnome that they want to fix past when Gnome is supporting that version,
they have to fix it themselves in their package and release that to
their users.


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