Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution branched for GNOME 2.28

git branch -r does not list gnome-2-28 for the evolution project, and a
merge failed, of course. For evolution-data-server and gtkhtml, it

Am Dienstag, den 11.08.2009, 20:20 +0530 schrieb Chenthill:
> Hi, 
>   We have made a early branching for evolution for GNOME 2.28. We have
> been discussing on this in the past and to have the context, please go
> through the following threads,
> and
> The following modules have been branched,
> gtkhtml, evolution-data-server, evolution and evolution-exchange. The
> branch is gnome-2-28.
> Only critical fixes will be made for evolution-2.28. By critical fixes,
> I mean blockers and important bugs identified as must-fix by module
> maintainers. All freezes would apply for gnome-2-28 branch. Please note
> that these patches needs to be committed to master and gnome-2-28
> branch.
> The kill-bonobo-branch and eds-dbus-port will be merged into master. So
> it means master will not have any freezes. Most of the active work will
> be going on master branch to get it usable for evolution 2.29.1.
> Once the branches are merged to trunk, we would be replying back to this
> thread mentioning the same.
> We have made a rough road-map for Evolution 3.0 -
>  which will be discussed and modified
> further. 
> We will also be discussing over some pending tasks from Evolution 2.28
> and include the ones which are possible for
> .
> Thanks, Chenthill.
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