[Evolution-hackers] Evolution branched for GNOME 2.28

  We have made a early branching for evolution for GNOME 2.28. We have
been discussing on this in the past and to have the context, please go
through the following threads,


The following modules have been branched,
gtkhtml, evolution-data-server, evolution and evolution-exchange. The
branch is gnome-2-28.

Only critical fixes will be made for evolution-2.28. By critical fixes,
I mean blockers and important bugs identified as must-fix by module
maintainers. All freezes would apply for gnome-2-28 branch. Please note
that these patches needs to be committed to master and gnome-2-28

The kill-bonobo-branch and eds-dbus-port will be merged into master. So
it means master will not have any freezes. Most of the active work will
be going on master branch to get it usable for evolution 2.29.1.

Once the branches are merged to trunk, we would be replying back to this
thread mentioning the same.

We have made a rough road-map for Evolution 3.0 -
http://www.go-evolution.org/Evo3.0  which will be discussed and modified

We will also be discussing over some pending tasks from Evolution 2.28
and include the ones which are possible for
http://www.go-evolution.org/Evo2.28 .

Thanks, Chenthill.

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