Re: [Evolution-hackers] time zone problem: extending API in stable branch?

> Can you just point us to the right patch, that extends API ? I seem to
> hit the wrong patch. I dont see any .h changes also. 

Sorry for the confusion. The patch I pointed to ( explains the required API version change, not the API extension itself. As Chenthill said, the new functions are in e-cal-check-timezones.h.

> Is there a way, we can work around for stable branch alone?

The functions contained in e-cal-check-timezones could be compiled as static functions into each calendar backend. It wouldn't be nice, but doable. Clients which also need them (like SyncEvolution) would have to do the same (but SyncEvolution already does that anyway in order to also work with older Evolution releases).

Bye, Patrick
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