[Evolution-hackers] camel-db-summary changes merged to Trunk

Hi ,

As many of you know, Srini and I were working on a branch
camel-db-summary (codenamed Madagascar).

This is now merged with trunk. Please see

This adds a new dependency on sqlite. So, you need to have sqlite devel
packages installed. 

You will have to update evolution and evolution-exchange packages as

As of now, evolution-exchange has some crashers connecting with the
exchange servers. 

Some of the quick-show items like (recent messages) does not work. 

Meta summary code is wiped out and hence new mails are not beagle

But, we promise we will fix them soon :-)

Any other feedback or issues, that you get, please ping us in

I will be sending out a detailed description of what we have done and
what is pending, soon.



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