Re: [Evolution-hackers] Warning: careful rebuilding with my makefile!!

On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 19:33 -0500, Reid Thompson wrote:
> gentoo also does not yet offer 2.15 GLIB either ( stable or ~ ).  Which kinda 
> puts me in a bind, since it appears that the last successful build I got has an 
> issue with logging into exchange OWA.  I guess I'll be failing over to mutt && 
> tbird for a few days -- trying to decide if I wanna introduce GLIB 2.15 or not. 
>   Anyone have any heads up issues re GLIB 2.15?

GLib 2.15 has the new GIO module, which is still getting fleshed out and
should be considered unstable until GLib 2.16 is released.  But as long
as you're not compiling anything that uses the new API, you should be
fine using GLib 2.15.

Regarding libsoup 2.4, there's some significant API changes from 2.2 and
so it's not compatible with any current Evolution release.  As to when
we'll be migrating to it, to my knowledge the team has not yet discussed
it but our policy is to develop against the latest stable GNOME platform
(i.e. Evo 2.21.5 must build on GNOME 2.20).  So if libsoup 2.4 gets in
GNOME 2.24 (it's too late for GNOME 2.22 since we're already in an API
freeze), my guess is we won't be moving to it until Evolution 2.25/2.26
at the earliest.  But I'm not yet sure what the GNOME release team has
in mind.

Matthew Barnes

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