[Evolution-hackers] MAPI backend


I'll soon be migrated to Exchange 2007 at work, so I'll have to get the
MAPI backend working or I'll loose convenient access to the shared

I don't have root access, therefore I compiled all the required
components (Samba, libmapi, EDS, Evolution) from source. I haven't tried
to run it yet.

I ran into several compile issues (dolt uses += which my bash didn't
support; include paths wrong for out-of-tree compilation) and have
patches for them. Shall I submit them to bugzilla.gnome.org?

Have the licensing issues been resolved?

What's the recommended way to keep track of the MAPI development (known
issues, current status, etc.)? Are the go-evolution pages kept

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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